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Experience in
Financial Security

For nearly 25 years, Shirley Luu and her associates have been assisting individuals, families, and businesses in their pursuit of financial security.

Financial Products

As a non-captive agency, SLA is not constrained by a limiting set of financial products to offer clients, but rather are free to seek and recommend the best in the marketplace.

A Team Of

We are a team of licensed professionals actively engaged in mastering the nuances of configuring the best financial products and insurance to serve our clients’ specific financial security needs.

We Provide Financial Services & Insurance

At Shirley Luu & Associates

Retirement Saving

SLA can show you various ways to save for retirement including various IRA, simple 401k, and insurance avenues to ensure you are secure about your retirement outlook and game plan.

Life Insurance Solutions

SLA specializes in various Life Insurance solutions to serve various financial security needs such as: permanent family protection, wealth transfer, mortgage protection, As-Tax Shelter, Cash Value Plans, Term Insurance, and more.

401k / TSP Rollovers

Thinking about rolling over your 401k into a new investment or savings account? Or you are leaving your job and you are not sure what to do with your TSP, if anything? Consult with us and we can show you some optoins.

Free Financial Analysis

SLA is happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation to analyze your current saving portfolio or we can simply teach you about some of the powerful savings and insurance options that exist today.

Financial Literacy

SLA is dedicated to initiatives and activities that promote financial literacy, especially when it comes to saving for retirement and establishing a foundation for personal financial security.

Childrens' Education Funds

SLA can show you ways to save for your children’s education or college fund that provide more flexibility and potentially more benefits than a standard 529 Plan.


SLA specialies in several types of annuity products including immediate and indexed annuities to assist you in forging your financial security and retirement plan.

Wealth Preservation & Legacy

Whether you are planning for your grandchildren or family beyond the last frontier of life, SLA is here to help you preserve and keep you money in the family.

Savings Plans

New to saving? Late to the game? Young or older, SLA can show you various ways to commit to a robust savings plan that does more than just grow money.

About Shirley Luu and Associates Financial Advisor Shirley Luu
Our Little Story

How It All Started...

Shirley Luu is one of the elite experts in the financial industry. She has been recognized for countless awards and honors, has taught thousands of people, mentored hundreds to begin careers in financial services, and has served countless clients for nearly 25 years. Practically every week she is teaching people somewhere in the U.S.A. about their financial security and about prudent ways to achieve it.  

But… it didn’t start this way. Before Shirley Luu became a driving force in the financial  services and insurance industry, she was a typical half-financially-illiterate person (maybe just like you). Her husband passed away and due to a lack of life insurance, was suddenly burdended with no financial support, in emotional distress, and with 3 children to take care of. 

Rather than wallow in depression, Shirely Luu turned this ‘setback’ into the beginning of her ‘comeback,’ and the rest, as they say, is history.

See Shirley Luu’s Full Bio, Awards, and Honors

Did you know that

Educating our clients is our first priority

The financial landscape has dramatically evolved in the last 15 years. In fact, the retirement/savings trends from the last 5 years has shown that people are starting to wise up to the new modern-day financial products that give you both potential upside from market performance as well as true downside protection with zero-risk to your principal. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg on what you need to know.

This is why, more than ever before as we approach 2022, it is critically important for people from all economic backgrounds to empower themselves with the right financial literacy and knowledge to make sure they are taking advantage of the best financial products that exist today. And that is precisely what Shirley Luu and Associates specialize in and have been doing for over 20 years.

FYI... we are an experts in these areas:

  • Life Insurance (for family and as tax shelter)
  • Indexed Annuities and Immediate Annuities
  • Company Retirement Plans & Assisting Business Owners
  • Helping people new-to-saving on how to get started and their options
  • Retirement/Savings Plans ideal for high-income earners, high net worth folks, or those trying to "catch up"

TAKE ADVANTAGE of our no-cost, no-obligation financial review or consultation that we offer and begin to learn more about your money!

Case Studies

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When it comes to saving for retirement — you absolutely cannot afford to be unaware of these modern day financial products that have totally changed the game in recent years.

Shirley LuuCEO, Shirley Luu & Associates

What People Are Saying...

  • Shirley and I have worked together in the financial services industry for almost 15 years.  I have never known anyone who took more time and cared more about the outcome for her clients.  Shirley’s true focus is matching her clients with the financial products that best suit their individual needs.

    Michael Hardin
    ANICO Executive
  • As a customer I was able to improve my protection by 15 times than what I had before for about the same amount of money, but as a business person, I have to tell you how impressed I also am with Shirley Luu who is at the top of her field, dynamic, interesting, and has taught me how to integrate some very powerful financial products into my financial portfolio.

    Dan McDermott
    Business Advisor & Attorney

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