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Legacy for grandchildren

Give a legacy that is never forgotten.

Case Scenario (abridged)

Plan Design

Michael and Vicky have a total of 6 grandchildren. It was important for them to provide colleged funding for all of them. Additionally, they wanted to leave a legacy for their 3 (older) children, as well. They also wanted to avoid large estate tax liabilties. Finally, it was expressed that they wanted flexiblity to tap into the money or funds if need be.

Ultimately, after reviewing many different options, SLA offered them a multi-faceted plan design that featured 10 different accounts, one for each child and legacy, plus one for the grandparents, themselves. What was especially beneficial is that we generated an income stream from one account which then cascaded into the other 9 accounts, making Michael and Vicky very satisfied about the legacy they were leaving.