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Family of Four, No Life Insurance or Retirement/Savings Plan

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Case Scenario (abridged)

Greg and Tasha have two children ages 4 and 7. They have been busy working and just trying to make ends meet. They have a mortgage, car payment, and no retirement or savings account. They also have no life insurance. Greg is concerned, since he is the main source of income, that if something were to happen to him, disaster could happen.

Plan Design

For Greg and Tasha, we immediately implemented a life insurance plan to protect his family with a $500,000 death benefit, should anything happen to Greg (death) up until age 120. This will serve as mortgage protection and financial security in case of critical illness and/or injury. In addition to the life insurace, they also were able to establish a cash accumulation sub-account in case of emergency in the short-term, but would also serve as a long-term strategy for retirment due to the retirement income that is is projected in the years to come.